Corporate Styling

How your employees present themselves reflects on the overall image of your company. Arm employees with the skills to dress for success. Kay Lain provides resources and knowledge to create a polished and professional every day image.

Our program takes the tediousness and guesswork out of getting ready for work and helps attendees design a wardrobe

Whether you employ young professionals struggling to transition out of their college wardrobe, have a sales team that often represents your company in public or are just looking to revamp staff image, Kay Lain will design a program specifically for your team and image goals.

  • Understanding the impact of image in the workplace
  • How to incorporate your personal style into workplace fashion choices
  • Quick routines for every day
  • Color pallet analysis & selecting styles for your body type
  • Professional Make Up & Hair Tips
  • And real life examples to bring all of the theories to life!

Katy has experience in retail and personal & commercial fashion styling, in addition to extensive corporate experience. She is able to bring a practical knowledge from both sides of the fence to engage seminar attendees and make professional style approachable.